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ScentEditor® "Scent Enable Your Home Videos" Application

Enhance the viewing experience of your home movies by adding the scents you experienced during the filming such as birthday cake, flowers, fresh mowed grass, ocean, or roasting turkey. The ScentEditor® along with the ScentScape™ digital scent delivery system is an easy to use application which provides the tools to add scent during the editing process. Imagine smelling the Christmas Tree when viewing your family's Christmas morning videos several years from now!

ScentScape™ is an innovative digital scent delivery system which provides the extra dimension of scent to gaming, entertainment and other consumer markets. Scent Sciences' technologies enriches the user experience by layering scents to enhance immersion and presence with unique delivery hardware, software and services. Simply connect the Plug-N-Play unit to any compatible PC for an instant experience of sight, sound and smell.

Price: $19.99

Coming soon: Scent enabling applications for gaming,
YouTube, Facebook and other popular applications.
ScentScape™ specifications:

- Provides 20 basic scents per cartridge
- Scent cartridges last 200 hours or more in heavy use, depending on personal settings
- ScentScape™ scent cartridges will be available in standard and media-specific versions
- Separate "volume control" to adjust overall smell strength for personal preference
- Dimensions: 3.5"h x 4.25"w x 5.5"

The ScentEditor® Suite includes:

- ScentEditor® Application
- ScentScape™ Player with hardware
- ScentScape™ scent cartridge
- User Manual
- White paper explaining use applications

System Requirements:

- Windows 98, XP, Vista, 7
- Pentium processor or higher
- 250 MB available hard drive space
- USB Port