About Us

Dr. David Deacon
VP Engineering & CTO

Dr. David Deacon brings senior technology and management experience from line executive to member/chairman of the board leading successful technology companies through growth and liquidity events. As an entrepreneur, he founded and led three startups with products in laser/optical technology and medical devices. As a technology developer, Dave has led technology teams of up to 45 engineers and Ph.D.s in programs from developing lasers to displays to using planar manufacturing technology. Dave holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Stanford University and B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a B.S. in Physics from MIT and 57 issued patents.

Management Team


Bill Wiles (President and CEO)
[email protected]

Dr. David Deacon (VP Engineering & CTO)
[email protected]

Ron Murphy (VP Finance & CFO)
[email protected]

Kelli Richards (VP of Business Development)
[email protected]

Harun Sevimli
(Director of European Business Development)

[email protected]

Advisors and Key Contractors


Mick Giles ([email protected])
Former CTO UTVGames, Advisor, NCSoft, ZeroG Games, DreamWorks

Dr. Peter Young ([email protected])
Professor New Media and Social Networking, San Jose State/Berekely

Carlotta Zorzi ([email protected])
Public Relations and Marketing Intern

In addition to the founding executive team, Scent Sciences has an extremely talented technical team including the original inventor of the Company's licensed scent related technologies and engineers in manufacturing, computers, chemistry, and mechanical engineering.