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Collaboration Between The University of Birmingham & Scent Sciences Corporation

The growing scent industry builds partnerships to improve services

SAN JOSE, Calif. - May 19, 2011 – The Human Interface Technologies (HIT) Team from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom has chosen to partner with Scent Sciences Corporation in the research & development for the scent industry in environmental air products.

This relationship between the University of Birmingham and Scent Sciences Corporation is aimed at creating innovative scent-related technologies while maintaining high standards in the technological development and improvement, in order to reach and satisfy end user needs and requests in the growing scent industry.

In January 2011, Scent Sciences Corporation introduced its new product ScentScapeTM. ScentScapeTM is a digital scent delivery system initially focused on the gaming industry as a device able to deliver unique fragrances during the gaming experience adding an extra sensorial dimension to the players’ experience, making them feel more involved in their game.

The Company’s products and technologies will also be used in various digital media, consumer and retail applications and specific markets such as military simulators.

“We believe that the integration of olfactory experiences with our games-based simulations opens up a whole new set of opportunities relating to the study of fidelity and human performance in virtual environments” said Prof. Bob Stone, Director of the University’s HIT Team.

“We look forward to working with the Scent Sciences Team in helping us to deliver credible sensations of smell in our military deployment training and medical rehabilitation interactive 3D projects.”

Scent Sciences is leading the development of this new market, and as a result the Company is excited at the opportunity to collaborate with world-leading human factors and simulation organizations such as the University of Birmingham, to integrate this new technology into the game-changing projects.

“People respond deeply to scent,” said Bill Wiles, Scent Sciences Corporation’s founder & CEO. “It enhances their experiences and connects deeply to their emotional memory.”

The University of Birmingham will cooperate with Scent Sciences Corporation in introducing the technologies into diverse markets, with an initial focus on the use of games-based simulation for military training & rehabilitation, in collaboration with the UK Ministry of Defence.

“This new technology is ideal for the entertainment industry, but also for medical and therapeutic purposes,” Wiles said. “We want to show how we can make a difference in patient recovery as well as enhancing the sensory enjoyment of life. The collaboration with the University of Birmingham will surely support this venture.”

He continued, “Apart from the military training and rehabilitation in this relationship, we will continue to focus on gaming, entertainment, home, hospitality, retail and medical applications, and online services.”

Due to the importance of scent in everyday lives, the scent industry is gathering more and more attention. For this reason both Scent Sciences Corporation and the University of Birmingham will keep cooperating to improve software and hardware, and to work on enhancements and modifications applicable across a broad spectrum.

This collaboration between Scent Sciences Corporation and the University of Birmingham is a further step to the development of better scent delivery devices for people’s everyday world.


Scent Sciences
Scent Sciences Corporation was founded as a Delaware Corporation in April 2010 by a team of seasoned technology entrepreneurs. The Company focuses on the delivery of a unique experience through its innovative scent platform, which incorporates an industry standard API, a suite of software, scent delivery devices and the application of proprietary scent sciences. Located in the heart of the heart of Silicon Valley, Scent Sciences Corporation is leading the development of scent-enabling technologies and patents.

University of Birmingham
The University of Birmingham’s The Human Interface Technologies Team is home to the UK’s premier Virtual reality and Serious Games research and consultancy group. One of the longest-running academic human factors units of its kind in Europe, the HIT Team’s reputation is built on an unrivalled 21+ years of experience in interactive 3D, wearable and pervasive computing and virtual/augmented reality, coupled with the award-winning track record of its members. The Team specializes in developing “de-risking”, stakeholder-led concept demonstrators, based on a growing body of human factors knowledge, standards and guidelines. Working closely with end users, often in the field, the HIT Team has developed a unique portfolio of case studies in sectors as diverse as defence (via the UK’s Human Factors Integration Defence Technology Centre –, surgery, heritage and education.


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