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22 neue Gadgets für Männer
Ob simpel oder komplex: Männer brauchen Technik, die begeistert. 22 elektronische Neuheiten, die Sie am liebsten sofort ausprobieren wollen.

Scent Scape Adds Smellovision To The World Of Entertainment
From the ScentSciences corporation comes a new dimension in multimedia and gaming experiences: smell. Thanks to the Scent Scape you can get ready to breathe deeply and add your nostrils to the list of things engaged during your viewing experience.

Scent Sciences Corp.
Imagine having the capability to access selected aromas to enhance your experiences when playing a video game or watching a home movie. Scent Sciences Corporation in Silicon Valley has... (continued on page 45).

A Stanford product expo for all things cool
Business students, startups, and campus researchers showed off their latest innovations yesterday at the Cool Product Expo at Stanford University. The R&D; project topics ran the gamut, from transportation to medical devices. But most shared one thing in common: coolness.

Harnessing the power of Nature - virtually - to rehabilitate soldiers and sooth care home patients
You walk down the beach, the shingle crunching beneath your feet. You reach the water's edge, where the waves lap gently against the shore. The sea mist wraps itself around you like a soft blanket; there's a faint scent of seaweed and above your head seagulls wheel and cry.

Smell-emitting PC device due on shelves by Christmas; Console editions in the works
Scent Sciences Corporation has told MCV it will release the 'innovative' (and fragrant!) ScentScape device worldwide in Q4 this year.

'ScentScape system adds an olfactory dimension to gaming and home videos' By Darren Quick
California-based company Scent Sciences is now looking to bring an olfactory dimension to computer games with its ScentScape personal digital scent delivery system.

'ScentScape: Digital Scent Delivery System' by George Gerba
San Jose-based Scent Sciences Corporation introduced a $69.99 device called the ScentScape, an "innovative digital scent delivery system" that hopes to add an extra dimension to gaming, entertainment and other consumer markets.

Sam Grobart searches for a few odd and interesting new technologies on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Scent Sciences extends the multimedia experience of video to a new level with a ScentEditor #CES

CES 2011: From Surround Sound To Surround Smell BY: Tekla Perry
We expect to see movies and games in 3D and listen to them in surround sound. But will we soon expect to smell them as well?

ScentScape Programmable Aroma Generator: Boy, Does Your Computer Smell
This unusual gadget connects to your computer, and can be programmed to emit a variety aromas on digital cue.

7 wacky products you missed at CES 2011 - By Ted Samson, InfoWorld
While plenty of vendors have been dabbling in bringing 3D products to the consumer market, a company called Scent Sciences is pushing to add a fourth dimension to the mix: scent.

Por ejemplo, si el personaje camina por un bosque, podrá oler el aroma de los pinos y si la acción se desarrolla en el mar, un aroma de agua salada invadirá la habitación. En las escenas de guerra , el humo y la pólvora son otros de los olores que ayudarán a mejorar la experiencia multimedia.

Digital Aroma DevicesThe Scentscape from Scentsciences Makes Smell-o-Vision a Reality by Michael Hines
Smell-o-Vision has finally become a reality thanks to ScentScape from ScentSciences. ScentSciences has developed a USB-powered device that lets you digitally program scents into movies, programs and even video games.

ScentScape, Movies so Immersing You'll Have to Smell to Believe
ScentSciences wants to appeal to your nose over your eyes. Packed into a system about the size of a loaf of bread, the ScentScape Programmable Aroma Generator wants to immerse you just a little more in your next movie experience.

Scentsciences makes TV a scented experience
Just when I was finished talking about the concept technology of the ClearPlate, here comes another interesting device that could change home theater viewing as we know it.

Filme und Spiele in 4D mit einem Geruchs Gadget
Das Angebot für 3D-Filme und auch Computerspiele wird immer größer und scheint sich auch immer mehr durchzusetzen. Daher glaubt die Firma Scent Scienes, dass es nun wohl Zeit wird, in die 4. Dimension einzusteigen

Llega el olor a los videojuegos
Ha sido una broma (o una predicción) que con los años seríamos capaces de tener gusto y olfato en películas y juegos de la misma manera que hoy podemos escuchar, ver y sentir. Pronto seremos realmente capaces de oler los juegos que estamos jugando, gracias a algo llamado el ScentScape.

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